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Every Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm
By the time Thursday rolls around... most folk are ready to roll off the week... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to kick the weekend into gear and finish your week on a positive note. Great dinner, Great music. 5:30pm to 8:00pm

June 4th – Jenn Holub – Some of the finest pop songs, some of Jenn’s own songs and some old folk tunes fill the air as Jenn croons her way through great song catalogs.  Watch for guests…

June 11th - Lori and Jesse - Fronting the ever traveling Sulfur City has put a lot of miles on the van this year. Still, Lori and Jesse do get to come out and play an intimate dinner show here and there... we'll take it. Sparse blues, ballads, bawlers and brawlers. An occasional olde timey number keeps your toes tapping.

June 18th - Brooke Bruce and Kacy Blok - Our two fave chanteurs from the Laughing Buddha take a dinner show instead of a late night show this month. Old favourites mixed in with their own songs and you meet two new favourite performers in one show.

June 25th - Jessy Brunette - Doe eyed Country Sweetheart returns for another Thursday of laughs, gaffs and songs about kicking him to the curb. Perfect after work music. Bring the kids, bring the office... bring the family.

July 2nd - Marc and Dan – Great Rhythm and Blues and some old jazz pop standards.  One more attempt to fix this broken world. Won't you please join in? School's out for summer! The air conditioning is on.


The Bluegrass Brunches continue on Sunday afternoons. 2-5pm.  We’ll take a few weeks off when it gets close to festival time, and most of July… but for now… we’re still at it on Sundays… bring your kids, bring your parents, bring your instruments.


Blackhawks centre Andrew Desjardins isn’t just local, he is family.  Join us to watch the games on big screen with full PA.  Game 1, 3 and 4 at the Townehouse.  Game 2 we watch at the Buddha (due to Sheesham and Lotus concert).  At the end of the playoffs we’ll raffle off an official jersey so be sure to ask for your ballot when you are in during the playoffs.


As of May 1st, the patios are allowed to roll out along the sidewalks of the city.  Please… NO Smoking is allowed on the patio this year.  This means you CANNOT take your beer with you to smoke.  Those days are over.  We’ll find a system that is easy and you won’t even notice that things have changed. In the meantime, please refrain from smoking at the entrance to the patio.  You’ll have to walk a few steps down the street.  And let’s be clear on one thing… you can’t stand outside the patio, reach in and have a swig of your drink.  No climbing the fences… in or out.


It’s June and another summer is on its way.  Well that’s what we’re told.  We had frost the other night, so sometimes it feels like it might never get here.  Then one day… boom.  It’s 34 degrees and you are praying for the end of each night so you can go swimming after your shift and hope to get 4 hours of comfortable sleep before the sweat starts again.  Our brothers and sisters in India are trying to get through the worst heat wave ever… Ontario Wine makers are having to rent helicopters to swoop away frost pockets killing off their crops just before the sun rises.  Don’t try and tell me we are not in the clutches of terrible global climate change.  Still… we’ve got a simple life to live here in the near north.  Some of us pull ore from the ground.  Some of us pull food from the ground.  Lots of us teach, work in offices, restaurants, warehouses, shops, etc.  We Live Up Here… as the saying now goes.  We paint our buildings vibrant colours, drink beer brewed on Kelly Lake Road, eat hamburgers handmade from local farms, we make music and art and carry on in the face of austerity handed down to us by governments that can’t remember what a democracy is supposed to look like.  Sometimes I feel like we’re on an island… a deserted island where I was allowed to bring 3 things… my friends, music instruments and the Elgin Street scene.  Life is good.

Wednesday, June 3 – Alea Ray, Blueshift, The Good in Everyone, Shawn Kosmo. 11pm, $7.00 at the door
Alea Rae (BC) Heartfelt, fragile and beautiful folk rock.  the Good in Everyone (Vancouver) Upbeat, dancy, rock with an endearing shabbiness. Blueshift - Chad Williamson has written some truly epic prog rock tunes for his band Blueshift. He is joined by Andrew Gagnon on drums and Ian Chappell on bass.

Thurs. June 4 (9:30PM) Townehouse Variety Hour  - Cover at the door

This month's Townehouse Variety Hour will feature special guest headliner Repartee, playing amped up synth rock all the way from Saint John's Newfoundland!

(Formerly Open Stage Live)  It's our semi-regular forum where we open up the stage to the public to completely let loose. Hosted as a talk show/game show by Tyler Hodkinson and Clayton Drake, performers can win up to $200! Performers are encouraged to explore any wild and original ideas they may have, which combined with our house drone band, results in the most eclectic mix of programming this side of the Gong Show. Performance slots are limited, but if you'd like a slot, you can either sign up on the forthcoming facebook event for the show, or you can e-mail

Friday, June 5th – Tim Bradford Band with Sam Cassio - $7.00 at the door

Rip-stomping country music--classics and originals--with an opening set by Sam Cassio. Tim and Sam met last year at River and Sky - camping and music festival and shared an interest in a lot of the same songwriters from regions in the south. Then they shared a bottle of whiskey from that same region.
Tim lived in Sudbury many years ago and worked at This Ain’t the Only Café, but has spent the last 15 years honing his music loves on the road and presenting music from coast to coast.  This is his first time returning to Sudbury since the release of "Drinking Alone"--his debut album (8/10 from Exclaim!):

Saturday, June 6th – Sheesham and Lotus and Son – Doors 7:00pm 8:00pm show. $20.00

The New Kings of Old Timey.  Northern Lights Festival favourites Sheesham and Lotus are back with a new CD and their only trip to Sudbury this summer (sorry… they can’t make the Festival this year as they have to be in Europe). Sheesham and Lotus’ commitment to the preservation of music and tradition of the past is indelible. At the core of the show is a repertoire based on their love of the American fiddle tune, joyously played with banjo and before long, a startling array of traditional and non-trad instruments make appearances.
Tunes played on jaw-harps, gourd banjos and homemade instruments like the Contrabass HarmoniPhonium add depth and absurdity to their amazing sound, as they sing into their patented Sepia-phonic Mono-phone, an acoustical filter into which they project their voices in stupefying harmonies, while playing ragtime and blues in pleasing mono-phonic delivery.

As a banjo and fiddle duet, and with their critically acclaimed trio, (Sheesham and Lotus & ‘Son) Sheesham and Lotus have established themselves as an act that has it all, combining astounding musicianship and fearless grooves with a show that is dynamic and entertaining.
The celebration of Alan Lomax’s 100 years begins here. If you are a fan of collecting the music of the whole world… you have to be here for this show. The best is that Sheesham and Lotus go over so well with audiences from 5 years old to 95 that we’re making this early show kid friendly… so bring the young ones because we don’t get to see Sheesham and Lotus at the Festival this summer, so this will be a rare chance.

Saturday, June 6th – Superstack – 11:00pm - $7.00 at the door

The return of the mighty Superstack… Indelible! Remember this word. It pretty much describes the end result of Toronto based power trio SUPERSTACK’S new self-titled CD on any listener who is swept into their slipstream.

The Sudbury-bred, Southern-fed sound of SUPERSTACK verges on a force of nature - powerful, organic, captivating, relentless. Lead singer and guitarist Scott Donnelly, along with his powerful rhythm section have grabbed the essence of 70's soul rock by the throat and breathed new life into it with 12 tracks of potent new juice that'll shoot straight up your spine and wiggle its way down again. Conjure up a musical love child of James Brown, Humble Pie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jet and The James Gang, and you’ll be on the right track.

Thursday, June 11th – Dr. Tom’s Traveling Medicine Show - $5.00 at the door

Tom Fyfe returns for another night of old time blues, ragtime, shuffles, burners, rock and roll, boogie woogie R&B and more.  With Tom on guitar AND drums, Paul on Upright Bass and the amazing Stephanie on lung busting vocals and rhythm guitar, this trio brings a great evening of favourites, nuggets, rarities and lots of Tom’s songs from across several albums.

Friday, June 12th – The Terminators - $7.00 at the door

After a long tour of the sub-continent and Europe, The Terminators finally return to the stage at the Townehouse.  Paul DiSalle has long been one of this city’s greatest guitarists and singers.  From his young days in The November All-Stars and through his solo albums and the formation of The Terminators, Paul has remained an important fixture for the music scene in Sudbury.  Funk, rock, hard rock, blues… the Terminators travel from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin and everything fun in between.

Saturday, June 13th – Common Dread - $7.00 at the door

Blues for Food will capture our music time during the day, one block over on Durham Street.  When it finishes up around 9:00pm, the downtown will be flooded with hungry music fans… and of course, we will accommodate the hungriest… our burgers will fill you and you work the calories off by dancing all night with Common Dread.  Chris Jah Fer leads this noisy ramble through Reggae, Dub and groove music.  Sprung from the ashes of the Mondo Idols many years ago, The Common Dread lets loose with more spaced out grooves and dub style reggae.  Deep grooves.

Thursday, June 18th – Big Z and Me

Friday, June 19th – The Archaics, Swan Song, Supernatural Buffalo, Kill the Autocrat - $7.00 at the door

The Archaics have traveled from Edmonton for this stop on their cross Canada tour… it’s always good to be able to help out the many bands converging on Toronto for NxNE. The band is a meeting place for psychedelic, swing, and blues to exchange glances while garage and 60s/70s rock convey most of what's said and done.

Live Video:

Swan Song have two labels on their Facebook page… Witch Rock and Nocturnal Rock.  I don’t know if they are witches… but they are bewitching.  Three women who never heard from snobbish ill-informed rots that girls can’t rock.  This is loud, muscular rock and roll that hits hard.  Last time they played it was Chelsea’s birthday… tonight, as of midnight… it is Guitarist Stephanie’s birthday.  Have your cake and eat it too!  Nocturnal is certainly right… no question that the night time is the right time for Swan Song.  Come see the rock.


Supernatural Buffalo hail from Crystal Beach… just across Lake Erie from Buffalo, NY.  Psychedelic Free Rock is their moniker.  Come out and groove along with this power trio.  Their debut album is out this year so we hope you can pick up a copy.

Teaser Video:

Kill the Autocrat continues to morph into a hybrid rock, funk, hip hop, punk act as the music outburst of Michael O’Brian.  OB kills on the microphone and his band continues to evolve as a live music entity.  He is an angry young man who writes about poverty, social justice issues, labour and his one man war against corporate injustice in the world.  A proud Steelworker, KTA was at his highest when he flew to Wisconsin to perform for 60000 striking civil service workers who had adopted his One Day Longer as one of their anthems of their We Are Wisconsin movement.

Official Video for Constant Movement:

Saturday, June 20th – Lanorme, Crone of War, The Metis, Bad Policy - $7.00 at the door

Bad Policy
Their new tunes are a lot less breakneck, and a lot more dark. Don’t worry, they’re still the best guys in town.

The Métis
Heavy blues rock meets post hardcore. These boys have been in the studio lately and will be looking to release a new album soon.

Post-hardcore from some French boys and girls. You can’t tame this thunder.
Live on BRBR:

Crone of War
Recently crowned the champion of the Rock Band Rumble, these fellas make precise, intricate, occasionally crushing tunes and play circles around the young whippershappers on the scene.
Live at Rock Band Rumble:

An amazing night of punk, post punk, hardcore.

Sunday, June 21st – Blonde Elvis – 6:00pm – all ages - $10.00 at the door

Blonde Elvis
This band featuring two Sudbury ex-pats (brothers Jesse Laderoute and Jordan Bellowos) is really taking off. Come catch them and grab a copy of their debut record (coming out on Pleasance Records: so you can truly say you knew them before they were famous.
Fit For Her official video:

Tuesday, June 23rd – BBBrthr, We Were Friends, Ghost Twin - $7.00 at the door 8pm

8PM Start Time, $7 cover

Paul Waltonbury’s solo project is a pop pastiche with a room-filling sound. Thematically, his music is a smart no-holds-barred examination of his basest instincts wrapped in oil-soaked rags of irony. Don’t be surprised if your own shitty habits get burned when he lights the match.

Ghost Twin
Electronic Duo from Winnipeg. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of Purity Ring but with more operatic vocals.
Live Video:

We Were Friends
Powerful indie rock band from Edmonton.
Official Video:

Wednesday, June 24th – Catriona Sturton – 11pm

Ex of Plumtree (yes the T-Shirt that Scott Pilgrim wears… they were a real band. They played here in the 90’s with the Weakerthans and Duotang).  Catriona does a solo guitar and voice show these days… blues and pop and rock and roll.  Pay what you can…

Live Video:

Thursday, June 25th – Patrick Wright et Les Gauchistes, Edouard Landry, Mandala - $7.00 at the door

It’s an evening of francophone music! Featuring:

Edouard Landry
Ed will be backed by a full band to flesh out his endearing pop arrangements.
Live Vide on on BRBR:

A brand new band of young hot shots.

Patrick Wright et Les Gauchistes
Rock and roll from some pretty smoooooth operators, let me tell ya!
Live Video on BRBR:


Saturday, June 27th - Happy 2nd Birthday Stack Brewing!!

Saturday, June 27th – Hello Holiday record release! With Echoes the Lion and Dead Friends - $7.00 at the door

It’s the Hello Holiday CD release party! Featuring:

Hello Holiday
Heavy, heartfelt tunes just dripping with melody. Come grab a copy of their brand new long player; they’ve been working on this one a while!
Official Video for Chemical Queen:

Echoes the Lion
Sweeping rock and roll pitched to the rafters.
Youtube live video:

Dead Friends
Powerful riff-based hardcore.

Tuesday, June 30th – On the eve of Canada Day join us as we fill the stage with local musicians playing your favourite rock and roll and we spill on over to Canada Day for fireworks and more rock and roll.

Thursday, July 2nd – Free Dub Star - $7.00 at the door 10pm

Coming from one of the the largest multi-cultural cities in Canada, Toronto-based reggae-rockers, freedubstar describe themselves as "a psychedelic dub band - with an edge...!!!!" freedubstar is a 3-piece funk-reggae band, led by guitarist, Michael Cooke, holding it down on rhythm and lead, creating spacey textures and solid rhythms that define their sound, backed by the sensational, powerhouse drumming of singer/songwriter Derek Musgrave (aka: Deelion,) anchored by the heavy and tastefully fluid basslines of the talented, Dane Wedderburn.
Combining elements of Psychedelic Indie-Rock with Funk and Reggae, they have created a new sound of high-energy and positive vibes that drummer DeeLion has coined the phrase 'Pop-Ska' to describe some of their more danceable numbers!!!
With the authentic charm of some 2 and 3 part vocal harmonies and contemporary driving grooves, freedubstar can take you back in time by playing some their favorite danceable reggae classics, or all the way onto the dance floor with some of their heavy original songs with conscious lyrics that make this 3 piece rocking reggae power-trio stand out from the crowd, capable of delivering an act to remember.

Saturday, July 4th – Kobo Town, Quique Escamilla – Northern Lights Festival Boreal offsite venue – Free with Weekend Pass, Staff, Vendor or Volunteer pass.  $7.00 without.

Founded by Trinidadian/Canadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves, Kobo Town is named after the historic neighborhood in Port-of-Spain where calypso was born amid the boastful, humorous and militant chants of roaming stick-fighters. Situated near the fishermen's wharf, the area was a site of constant defiance and conflict, a place where sticks and stones, songs and verses clashed with the bayonets and batons of colonial rule.
Gonsalves grew up in a middle class neighborhood in Diego Martin, a town just outside of Trinidad’s biggest city, Port of Spain. “Diego Martin is a valley in the northern range, which is very green with a little contaminated river running through it, and that was the playground of our youth,” Gonsalves recalls. His mother is originally from Quebec City, Canada and had met Drew’s father in Barbados on a trip when he was visiting family. A few days later, they were engaged and she came to Trinidad where Gonsalves was born. “In Trinidad, we were surrounded by calypso - Kitchener lived up the street from me - but like most kids of my age, I was not interested in it,” Gonsalves recalls. While rock and heavy metal was considered cool by his friends, “I secretly liked calypso, but I was discrete about it.”

Sunday, July 5th – Five Alarm Funk – Northern Lights Festival Boreal offsite venue – Free with Weekend Pass, Staff, Vendor or Volunteer pass.  $7.00 without.