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Every Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm
By the time Thursday rolls around... most folk are ready to roll off the week... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to kick the weekend into gear and finish your week on a positive note. Great dinner, Great music. 5:30pm to 8:00pm

September 3rd - Alex Leggett : Alex's songs run the gamut from weird and lighthearted to heart-rending and soul-searching. He's a talented singer, guitarist and songwriter with a ton of road experience under his belt. Don't miss this singular talent!

September 10th - Marc and Dan - genetically modified to stand the test of time! Marc and Dan easily conquer old R&B favourites, a few blues tunes and a couple from The Great American Songbook... they don't write songs like this anymore, but thanks to Dan and Marc, we'll never forget them.

September 17th - Brooke Bruce - our chanteuse puts down the serving tray and serves music with guitar and a sublime voice. A mix of her own songs, a few favourites, and a few unexpected gems.

September 24th - Lori & Jesse - The front of Sulfur City return with their stripped down evening of blues, a few folky numbers, the occasional old time gospel tune and some of their own material. Sulfur City has spent a lot of time on the road this year with festivals and tours.

October 1st - Marc Savard and Dan Bedard - return for another round of great songs and jabs. With the amount of inside deprecetive humour on stage when Marc and Dan play, I imagine this to be what the old Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhie shows were like. You'll laugh and your toes will tap right through dinner.

October 15th - Paul Loewenberg - it's a birthday gig! Paul will play some old folk, acoustic punk songs, ragged soul, blues, some rock and roll... doo wop, probably some old Reggae and Ska music, maybe even some of his own. Hopefully will be joined on stage by some other October 15th birthday Sudbury musicians.


The Bluegrass Brunches were off for the month of July and part of August. We will continue on Sunday afternoons. 2-5pm on September 6th.  Thank-you all for your support through the season and we'll see you after we get all of these festivals out of the way.… bring your kids, bring your parents, bring your instruments. The core of Jim Webb, Richard Mende and Paul Loewenberg continues to bring new songs to the table but don't forget that if you are a player... you better get down to the Townehouse on the occasional Sunday, not just with the kids and parents, but with your instruments as well.


As of May 1st, the patios are allowed to roll out along the sidewalks of the city.  Please… NO Smoking is allowed on the patio this year.  This means you CANNOT take your beer with you to smoke.  Those days are over.  We’ll find a system that is easy and you won’t even notice that things have changed. In the meantime, please refrain from smoking at the entrance to the patio.  You’ll have to walk a few steps down the street.  And let’s be clear on one thing… you can’t stand outside the patio, reach in and have a swig of your drink.  No climbing the fences… in or out.


Welcome to Ocotber.  This is the 242nd calendar…Volume 21, Issue 2... if you are going by the paper model. Every month bringing the news. It has been a great summer... Northern Lights Festival Boreal, The Craft Beer Festival and UpFEST provided many amazing highlights to the summer. So too have Blues for Food, The Garlic Festival and pretty soon Ribfest will be another notch on the belt. We also have the fledgling Budweiser New Music Festival at Bell Park this summer for those fans of modern radio rock. Of course, before we head inside to hibernate for the winter we have 3 more big festivals for the city of Sudbury...

Jazz Sudbury - Annual Jazz Festival at Bell Park and many venues downtown, including The Townehouse Tavern and the Laughing Buddha - September 9-12.

Sudbury Cinefest - September 19-27 - annual International Film Festival out at the big theatres at Silver Hills... we don't have any movies but we certainly look forward to feeding you before and after all of your film week activities!!

Northern Lights Oktoberfest - October 2, 3 - Bell Park - call it an Autumn Craft Beer and Food Fair with an awesome line-up of party bands... don't miss this 2nd edition of the great harvest celebration!! Join us at the Townehouse after the party at Bell Park for more incredible music each night.


September always sees a brand new crop of students in the city... most of you are under the age of majority... Our 2 restaurants, The Laughing Buddha and the Townehouse Tavern are both very welcoming to all until 9pm. House rule is 19 after 9pm.

Please enjoy both restaurants free WiFi and great foods. The Townehouse Tavern also has free Pool Tables from noon-7pm each day, so you can join us for a study session AND have something to do when you need a break. Keep an eye on the calendar as we do have live music on Thursdays at Dinner time, plus the occasional all age Indie Rock show will happen when bands are passing through town. If you are a new musician in the city and want to pick up a few gigs while in town, or want to meet other people to form a band with... watch for our Open Stage nights... the Townehouse Variety Hour... it's an open stage, talk show, game show kind of fun night...

If you want to see the great indie, punk, rock, soul, funk, party, hardcore, metal, post-rock, folk, bluegrass, country, reggae, ska shows that we have at the Townehouse and have always been famous for... you'll just have to wait until that clock says you are 19 years old.

If you are of the age of majority and you do consume alcohol, always do so responsibly. The Townehouse Tavern has long enjoyed the reputation of being the laid back easy going place in Sudbury... and we aim to keep it that way.

  Many thanks to Clayton Drake who has been spending a lot of time this year helping me out and getting to know the ropes of the presenting game with me.  You’ll see a few changes to the format here in the writings and the layout as Clayton learns how to do more of these items that have been solely on my plate for the last 22 years.  In the event that I move on from this job… we’ve got a plan that is ready to be put in place. 

Friday, September 25th - La Slague presents: Le French Fest - 10:00PM, $7 at the door

One of the finest cultural curation organizations in Sudbury is putting on a big francophone music festival downtown and the Townehouse is proud to be the official after-party! Rumor has it the masterminds behind the fantastic FME festival in Rouyn-Noranda is booking this bad boy. We’re still waiting on a complete lineup, but it’s sure to be amazing!

The Jonny Parolin Band (North Bay, Rock and Roll)
This is a great rock band comprised of some of the finest musicians in North Bay. Apparently their new material mixes in some Queens of the Stone Age-style guitar ripping!
Bandcamp Stream:
Facebook Page:

Saturday September 26th - The Stanfields, Echoes the Lion, Suicide Drifters - 10:00 PM, $10 advance / $12 door

Rock, Psychobilly and Roots/Rock
Buy your advance tickets at the bar, or from eventbrite here:

The Stanfields (Halifax, Roots/Rock)
VERY rocked-up Celtic anthems performed with reckless abandon. For fans of the Pogues, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys. Get ready to pump your fist, shout your lungs raw and chug your beer.
Fight Song Official Video:
Facebook Page:

Echoes the Lion (Sudbury, Rock)
It’s always sad when a band exits the scene, but how many bands actually get to perform a final show? Echoes the Lion had a great run, winning the Q92 Rock Band Rumble and releasing their Last Dinosaur tape and their single for King’s Highway, and played some fantastic slots at Sudbury New Music Fest over the past two years. Come help these fine fellas place their band to rest the way God intended: soaked in alcohol and sweat.
Video of the band doing a Misfits cover:
Facebook Page:

The Suicide Drifters (Sudbury, Psychobilly)
If you like your tunes fast, loose and outta control like a souped up Model T, The Suicide Drifters are your bag.
Video of the band doing an Elvis Cover:
Facebook Page:

Monday, September 28th - Jimmy Tritone Band - 11PM, NO COVER

Jimmy Tri-tone Band (Ottawa, alt-folk-rock)
This folk-rock duo is composed of James Walters and Randelle Ashley. James' raspy voice tells tales of lovers, cowboys, and everything in between.
Wanted Official Music Video:
Facebook Page:

Wednesday, September 30th - Anthony Beaucage - 11PM, NO COVER

Anthony Beaucage (North Bay, folk)
An aboriginal voice from North Bay, Ontario, Beaucage is a lover of soft tones and art in writing. Anthony can also rap, draw and design.
Soundcloud Stream:
Facebook Page:

Thursday, October 1st - Van Damsel, The Tourist Company, Sex & Summer, Therapists - 10PM, $7 at the door

Van Damsel (Kamloops, New Wave/Pop)
Effortlessly combining electronic, electric and acoustic instrumentation, Van Damsel has one purpose: to get the dance floor moving and to convince you to shout along. If you liked the Drive soundtrack, you’ll probably like Van Damsel.
Best of Everything Official Video:
Facebook Page:

The Tourist Company (Vancouver, Indie)
Smooth, tight, upbeat and melodic. The Tourist Company will appeal to fans of bands like Rah Rah, Vampire Weekend, Hey Rosetta! and fun.
Irrepressable Future Official Video:
Facebook Page:

Sex & Summer (Sudbury, indie rock)
Kristen Brutto of My Cousin Karma is back in action! S&S combines Kristen’s coquettish yet confident vocals with lush synths and propulsive grooves. The tunes themselves are tongue-in-cheek odes to 20-something ennui.
We Can Float Live Video:
Facebook Page:

Therapists (Sudbury, Demented Party Metal)
What the heck are Therapists doing on this show? It’s the 1-year anniversary since they re-formed. Believe it or not, they are actually better than ever!
Facebook Page:

Friday, October 2nd – Les Poules et Colin, Allison & Dan – Northern Lights Oktoberfest!! - $7.00 at the door

Le groupe, Les Poules à Colin, est composé de cinq jeunes musiciens de la relève en musique traditionnelle : Béatrix Méthé, Sarah Marchand, Éléonore Pitre, Marie et Colin Savoie-Levac. All members of this group are the children of very active musicians in the world of traditional music, so they have been playing since they could walk.L’idée de former un groupe a germé lors de la 13e édition du Festival Mémoire & Racines en 2007. C’est seulement en 2008 que les cinq membres se réunissent et travaillent sérieusement. En 2009, tout se bouscule. L’année commence par une session d’enregistrement, suivie d’une autre en juin qui permettra de mettre au monde le démo « Annabel ». Ces jeunes musiciens participent au concours « Young Tradition » à Burlington au Vermont et remportent le premier prix. Les Poules à Colin font preuve d’une très grande maturité et jumellent l’interprétation de répertoire existant avec la création de nouvelles œuvres. Celles-ci sont imprégnées de leurs diverses personnalités. With their rich and diverse backgrounds, this group infuses the world into their traditions and the energy of their youth.
Allison Brown & Uncle Dan.  Allison Brown’s sweet, powerful singing offers a captivating invitation to follow her down lonesome railroad lines, into abandoned buildings, back in time, to high above the stratosphere as she illustrates landscapes both strange and familiar with her newest collection of songs.
Allison’s voice is experiencing an intense new elasticity as her instrument’s distinct tune and tone evolve with over twenty years of performance experience.
the complete elixir I needed to feel many troubles melt away” ~ Roots Music Canada
With raw honesty, playful humor and a pinch of bitterness, Allison explores leaps of faith, toils of the road, bad luck, bad weather, heroes, villains and longing for love and meaning with her crafted originals alongside classic roots repertoire including roots, country, gospel, blues and bluegrass.

Saturday, October 3rd – Taylor Knox, Red Moon Road, Will Gillespie – NLFB Oktoberfest! - $7.00 at the door

Ever since Pete Townshend coined the term “power pop” in 1967, fans, critics and musicians alike have clung to its principles of crunchy guitars, smooth harmonies and tales of tragic young love, in the never-ending battle to keep rock and roll’s flame burning brightly.
Taylor Knox is poised to make a significant contribution to the cause when his debut solo EP, ‘Lines,’ is released March 31 on MapleMusic Recordings. With six tracks, each consistently clocking in at around three minutes, ‘Lines’ is the perfect taste to get the unsuspecting listener permanently hooked on Knox’s irresistible sugar high. From opening track “My Backyard” to meditative closer “Good Enough,” the Toronto native displays songwriting prowess far beyond his years, conjuring the magic of Big Star and Revolver-era Beatles.

A great pleasure to have Red Moon Road return!  They were through last summer as part of Northern Lights Festival Boreal and really wowed the crowd that whole weekend. In the four years the band has existed, audiences have come to expect something beyond your usual concert.  Red Moon Road shows treat audiences to an impressive instrumental presentation; the sonic evolution born of the collaboration between three insatiably creative musical forces.  A roots drum kit cunningly split between two band members, an acoustic guitar that also sounds its two lowest strings as a bass, powerhouse lead female vocalists, a moustached man playing Mandolin, Lap Steel, Banjo and Organ (often at the same time) and impeccably timed immaculate three part harmonies.  As always though, it's the way the music is brought into sharper focus by the band’s signature and captivating storytelling ability, and how these multi-talented and disarmingly endearing personalities are fully present that elevates a concert with Red Moon Road into a collective experience, bridging gap between performer and audience, leaving your heart a little fuller and the world seeming a little more wonderful.

Will Gillespie is a one-of-a-kind Folk-Rock Crooner with a diverse catalogue of original songs spanning back over a decade. His aim is simple: real songs played really well. He refers to his sound as "Jazzed-Up Folk-Rock." Genuine songs. Original Rock & Roll with an air of Old-World Romance. Taking Folk-Rock from the barn to the ballroom.

Friday, October 9th – The Beatles Night – John Lennon’s 75th Birthday - $10.00 at the door 10pm.

As the marquee suggests… today would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday. The house musicians who have been playing an evening of this, pop music’s greatest catalog, for 10 years now… will come together to celebrate John. We are going to do do the Help album… to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary… and we’ll do a more John-centric night than we usually do when we tip more towards the Wings on the solo years. Favourites… obscurities… stompers and tear jerkers… finally we’ll do It’s Only Love with the full band! Matt Foy, Nick Krawczuk, Dan Levecque, Ryan Levecque, Paul Loewenberg, P. Rheal.

Saturday, October 10th – House of David Gang Reggae Band - $10.00 at the door.

Fill up this weekend on revolutionary songwriters. The House of David Gang returns, and since it is the second weekend in November… we might as well have them do the Peter Tosh Celebration that they did here a couple years ago. Many people think that Bob Marley was the voice of the Wailers… Peter Tosh was it’s Soul while Bob was the Dreams and Bunny was the Conscience. Peter Tosh was the voice of Social Justice in the band… gunned down in his prime before he could see the change in the world.

Thursday, October 22nd – 7pm… Rosie and the Riveters - $30.00 … Dinner and show $30

Rosie & the Riveters are four sassy dames from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, who perform uplifting music with a retro 1940’s flare! Their original songs feature sophisticated harmonies, body percussion, scintillating dance moves, inviting humour and just enough ooh-la-la to charm your socks off!
Video links:
Show is at 8:00pm and $30 includes dinner AND a show.  If you are just coming for the show or just coming for dinner… make sure you talk to us about a deal.
Tickets can be purchased from The Townehouse: or (705) 674-6883

Saturday, October 31st - Hallowe-en Party with Northern Memphis Revival - Memphis Soul Party Band - $10.00 at the door

Originally launched as The Stax Revolt… now the band has rebranded as Northern Memphis Revival. It is music that provided an incendiary soundtrack to a cultural revolution of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The band plays with respect to the original recordings and has a great time doing it.  It’s a total soul and funk party that will keep you dancing all night long. You can win a prize of free cover for the year... plus a bunch of other give-aways. Best Costumes get the prizes... be imaginative... be obscure... (be able to show us your face for identification purposes)...