This is the Monthly calendar for The Townehouse Tavern, Sudbury's long time venerable home of live music. Can we sum it up? We love to present Rock, Indie Rock, Punk, Heavy, Soul, Jazz, Blues, World, Folk, Bluegrass and more. It's got to be something interesting and we'll try and present it. We do full bands mostly on the weekends and mostly solo acoustic acts during the week. We were the starting point for hundreds of bands since 1991... from The Tea Party to Nickelback... the Hopping Penguins, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir... to Born Ruffians, Yukon Blonde... Those who might be the biggest music stars of tomorrow, might be playing here tonight.


Our kitchen cranks out the finest Burgers in the north. Made from local, fresh, never frozen, steroid free ground beef, our Burgers are hand made fresh every day. We are proud to use local potatoes for our handcut Fries, along with any other items on our menu that can be sourced locally. We have the best hand made Veggie Burger around... The Beet and Hemp Burger... hearty salads... soul satisfying appetizers ... mmm... Deep Fried Oreos... We love to cook from when we open at 11:00am (12:00pm Sundays) until 2:00am each day.


We love to entertain groups for everyday and special events... Business, Family or Friends. We love to help out community organizations with Fundraisers. We love to provide great entertainment and food in a safe environment. We love families but we do ask for Age of Majority after 9:00pm. We love Craft Beer and fine libations but if you look under 25, we need to see your ID when you order, and we do ask that if you do consume alcohol, please drink responsibly.

For Catering Information... contact Alanna Negusanti

For Reservations... call the restaurant at 705.674.6883

For Band Booking, Special Events information... contact Paul Loewenberg












Starting July 1st... we are having more dinner music!! Every Monday through Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Don't wait for the weekend to fill your life with music... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to finish your work day with a little play. Enjoy the music with dinner. Come and see the fantastic talent we have in the north on a nightly basis. Great dinner, Great music. 5:30pm to 8:00pm. No Cover.

BLUEGRASS BRUNCH SUNDAYS 2-5pm are back... starting September 11th

After a busy week, there is nothing better for the soul than to sing with friends... join us for the Bluegrass and Gospel Brunch from 2-5pm each Sunday. We'll sing old timey songs, songs of freedom, old blues, country heartbreakers, maybe a few boozers... songs of joy, songs of redemption. Make your life one full of song. We started the new season on January 3rd and continued through most Sundays until June 12th. We will take most of the summer off, although you may catch us picking at a dinner gig during the week here and there. SUNDAY MUSIC BRUNCH WILL RETURN SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 11th

Bring your parents, bring your kids, bring your instruments... Keep your Sundays swinging.



As of May 1st, the patios are allowed to roll out along the sidewalks of the city.  Please… as it began in 2015, NO Smoking is allowed on the patio this year.  This means you CANNOT take your beer with you to smoke.  Those days are over.  We’ll find a system that is easy and you won’t even notice that things have changed. In the meantime, please refrain from smoking at the entrance to the patio.  You’ll have to walk a few steps down the street.  And let’s be clear on one thing… you can’t stand outside the patio, reach in and have a swig of your drink.  No climbing the fences… in or out.


The September Events

The Townehouse Tavern is your host of great live music everyday.  So far we are working twelve gigs a week when you factor 7 nights of players, Nightly dinners and Sunday Bluegrass Brunch.  We have been your host of live music for 25 years!! That’s right, 1991, the year that the underground scene became mainstream… That’s the ground floor that The Townehouse was on.  We beat the release of Nirvana Nevermind by 5 months.  That was the year that everything changed for music.  Post punk, alternative rock, roots rock, everything came one step closer to mass culture.  In the next years, as the Internet circled the globe and the information superhighway went from 2 lanes to 16, music went along for the ride.  Everyone with a computer could become a collector and gather an encyclopedic knowledge of music history without having to spend hours flipping through dusty bins in stores across the country.

The newer evolution of The Townehouse is that we are also the favourite Burger joint in the north.  We use only fresh local ground beef for our Burgers.  For Vegetarians we have excellent Roasted Portobello Burgers and our hand made Beet and Hemp Burgers.  All of our signature burgers come with a generous portion of local, fresh cut French Fries with a choice of home made dipping sauce, or a hearty salad.  Over the next couple weeks we are rolling out some new configurations such as a Sunday Slider Platter special and a platter of delicious appetizers Special one night a week… A Tuesday night Date Night special.  All of this is in addition to our daily special of Domestic bottled beer from 4pm-7pm and FREE POOL everyday from noon to 7pm.

Let's see what's cooking for the month....

Thursday, September 1st – Hugh Jazz - $7.00 at the door
                  The swingingest combo to come down the pipoe in this generation is from Sudbury.  One part swing revival, one part Reinhardt and Grappelli, all groove… you don’t want to miss kicking off your long weekend to Hugh Jazz.

Friday, September 2nd - SNFU plus guests - $15.00 advance/ $20 at the door... Get your Tickets.

SNFU is a legendary Canadian hardcore punk band. They formed in 1981 in Edmonton, and relocated to Vancouver in 1992. The band has released ten full-length albums and are cited as a formative influence on the skate punk subgenre. In their early years, SNFU built an audience across North America and Europe through energetic live performances and a dynamic punk sound. Their 1985 debut album “And No One Else Wanted to Play” has remained influential in underground circuits. The band signed with the prominent indie label Epitaph Records, achieved six-digit record sales and toured in support of larger groups like Green Day, The Offspring and Rancid.

This band is a key link in the evolution of Hardcore, Skatepunk, New School Punk. They have been voted "Greatest Live Band" ahead of such legendary acts as Fugazi and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

SNFU is fronted by the eccentric singer, lyricist, and artist Ken Chinn, credited as Mr. Chi Pig. Since 2014, the band has consisted of Chinn, bassist Dave Bacon, guitarists Randy Steffes and Kurt Robertson, and drummer Jamie Oliver.

This is their first return to the Townehouse since they were signed to Epitaph, having played All Age hall shows the last couple times in Sudbury.

Saturday, September 3rd - Barry Miles and the Congregation - CD Release Party, w/ Hello Holiday, Eric Clancy - $10.00 at the door

Barry Miles and the Congregation - A unique blend of psychedelic folk and alternative meets a McCarthy-tinged gothic tent revival. Dark songs from a strange man with a full electric backing band.


Hello Holiday - Hello Holiday is the cathartic outlet of Jeff Valentini, born out of the singer/guitarist’s homesickness while living in Montreal. Hard-hitting indie rock with alternative and post elements relates stories of dysfunctional relationships and the alienation of big cities. What started as an exorcism of nightmares for Valentini has become a heavy, rollicking experience for listeners.

SUPER 8 VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQJfA24tTiY&feature=youtu.be

Eric Clancy - Eric has been telling tales of the natural world through song for over five years, growing into a formidable singer/songwriter. His melodies seem laid back, breezy, and effortless, but belie a great passion and melancholy.

BANDCAMP - https://ericclancy.bandcamp.com/

Sunday, September 4th - If We Are Machines - 9pm - $7.00 at the door

If We Are Machines is a hybrid of indie and classic psych-rock. It's a little along the lines of our old favourites, Life Blown Open... Formed in 2008, the band’s growing brand of layered, progressive music makes them difficult to completely pinpoint—but their ever-evolving sound suggests that they’re just getting started. Recorded, If We Are Machines is a gem among coals but it’s the band’s electrifying live shows that turn fence-sitters into fans. This is an important gig for the band in order to jump right off the ledge of Ontario and make it back to the prairies for a Saskatoon gig on Tuesday... yep, that's indie rock van living... 3200kms in 40 hours. Come out and support this band on the road.

Tuesday, September 6th - Tom Savage - No Cover 10pm

Tom Savage has been a roots rock road warrior on the Canadian highways for a few years now. This is another solo show for Tomas he negotiates most of the miles of the country by himself again this year. Tom Savage is what one might refer to as a triple-threat. One part truth-telling troubadour, one part death-defying guitar slinger, and one part Country Blues howler. Each facet of his formidable on-stage persona carefully crafted over a 20+ year devotion to the composition and performance of song. Tom is a true believer. A disciple of melody and harmony and tempo and timbre. An evangelist preaching to anyone who will listen of the healing and meditative powers of music. Pouring his heart out of his throat every night, while simultaneously shredding his fingertips in his relentless assault on the beat-up 1966 Guild acoustic he adores.

Tom Savage's music comes from places occupied by Townes Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen, but also lurking in the shadows of influence are Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page in one corner, and Wes Montgomery and Freddie Robinson in another. Give a teenaged kid a cassette player and a radio dial ( circa 1988) and it is the equivalent of throwing the contents of the entire refrigerator into a blender. You have no idea what flavour the combination will result in. This is the time when many musical seeds where planted in Tom's psyche, thus the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Thursday, September 8th - Eastcoast Love Story, Honest Heart Collective, The Black Rattlers - $7.00 at the door

An absolutely stacked line-up... Eastcoast Love Story have spent the last three years formulating a dynamic, gutsy folk-rock style, gaining fans across the Maritimes - from New Brunswick to Newfoundland. Having drawn comparisons ranging from Canadian icons The Tragically Hip, The Sadies and Blue Rodeo, to "Elvis Costello on acid," they recently received recognition as the MNB Emerging Artist of the Year for 2015.

The Honest Heart Collective - The Honest Heart Collective was born out of a no holds barred approach to putting the music first and a rotating cast of musicians made permanent. Decked out in denim and ripped jeans, the Thunder Bay, Ontario natives are described as “passionate, spirited, feel-good, anthemic rock music” by Grant Lawrence of CBC.

The songs that make up Liar’s Club, the band’s debut full-length album, are exemplary showcases of The Honest Heart Collective’s old soul take on storytelling through music.

The Black Rattlers is the upside down of Murder Murder. In Murder Murder world, the sun shines on loving acoustic instruments and beautiful Murder ballads... in the upside down, The Black Rattlers make rock and roll with electric instruments. Sam, Jon, Barry, Geoff, Kris and Stef get to have some fun in their alter ego band... they get to share the bill with friends of theirs that are traveling across the country... they get to sing a bunch of their favourite material and give their own Murder Murder songs the night off. It's still fun... it's still a tight group of musicians at the peak of their creativity and Esprit de Corps.

Friday, September 9th - Jazzfest Venue - Sulfur City record release - also featuring the Jacob Starling Jazz Combo - $10.00 at the door - Free with Jazzfest Passport

Like a thick blues-y fog rolling down the Mississippi Delta, Sulfur City's sound envelopes you from the first notes. Led by Lori Paradis and Jesse Lagace, they are a band all about music revival. A blues influenced band that isn't about tribute, that isn't about imitation or even a hint of parody. Sulfur City is about alchemy, blending alternative sounds, traditional blues, choice instrumentation and unique vocals, woven into intricate story telling lyrics. They will make you dance, cry and question your very existence... as the devil temps you to join his side at the crossroads... all in the span of a single song. Featuring Steve Smith on Bass, Sam King on Drums and Keith Breit on Keys expect a night of blues-y diversity and sincere musical passion, from a group of artist true to their craft.

Saturday, September 10th - Goodnight Sunrise, Turbo Street Funk - $10.00 at the door - Free with Jazzfest Passport

As well as playing at Jazz in the Park on Saturday, special guests Turbo Street Funk will also be leading you on a winding musical journey through the downtown core at our Jazz Walk event from 1-4pm. Tickets for the Jazz Walk are available online and in-office.

Turbo Street Funk defy convention; whether they’re playing a festival, pub, concert hall, or a busy street corner, their infectious groove always sounds at home. The band members are Casey Van: vocals, guitar, harmonica; Juan Manuel Arce: alto saxophone; Joel Eric Szabo: French horn; Camilo Gallon: drums; and Ian Feenstra: sousaphone.

Thursday, September 15th - Delta Will + guests - $7.00 at the door 10pm

Delta Will is a genre-bending band from Toronto, Canada. Their eclectic rock songs explore the many facets of the human condition, navigating between serene, contemplative moments and massive, psychedelic explosions of sound. Their sound has culminated from the project’s steady evolution over four years. Charles Tilden founded Delta Will as a bedroom project, releasing the Transcendental Visits EP in 2012, and the It All Glows EP in 2013 with contributions from drummer Lowell Whitty. Now a four member band, rounded out by multi-instrumentalists Brandon Johns, Milan Schramek and Louis Baranyi-Irvine, they have found their voice by combining warm, organic sounds of the past with swirling electronic flourishes to create an engaging portrait of the now.

The band spent 2015 working tirelessly on their debut full-length Weathering, recorded with veteran indie-rock producer Chris Stringer. Weathering is out now via the band's Only Constant Records imprint.

Friday, September 16th - Sea Perry, XPrime, David Dino white, Tanner Reinhardt - $10.00 at the door

SEA PERRY (1am) - In the two years since their inception, Sea Perry (Chris Milligan (guitar, vocals) Shawn Fisher (bass, keys) and Chad Bouchard (drums)) has gone through a number of transformations. Starting off as a folk-based trio, Sea Perry has morphed into one of today’s most prolific Canadian rock bands. Their debut LP Do What You Do (produced and engineered by Michael Jack – Rush, Nelly Furtado, Bono) has solidified the band as an act to watch, having taken their live show across the country, performing alongside The Trews, Hollerado, Great Big Sea and The Strumbellas.

Released in April 2015, Do What You Do is a homage to the band’s influences and small-town upbringing. Hailing from Sudbury, Ontario, Sea Perry found their musical inspiration from the northern-Ontario nature around them, and has carved a big city niche in a small-town world. The 10 bright, soulful tracks off Do What You Do were laid down with an ear towards bringing to life their stage show while also accentuating their stellar musicianship and remarkable songwriting skills.

XPRIME (12am) - XPRIME delivers the kind of rock-pop songs you want to sing and dance to, packed in an explosive performances. Fresh off a big 2015 playing OSHEAGA, EDGEFEST and signing their first record deal, the band looks to a bright 2016 with a new album on the way. They've made a name and living for themselves by playing their original music and beloved classics all over Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada. Weaving their way through harmonies, fancy fretwork and beats with ease, it's safe to say that the guys - Neil Carson (bass/vocals), Steph Mercier (guitar/vocals) and Phil Taylor (drums) - know their way around a well-written pop/rock song. Their new EP "PM" (released with eOne Music Canada) is a delicious sampling of just that.

David Dino White (11pm)

Tanner Reinhardt (10pm)

Saturday, September 17th – Corb Lund - $30.00 advance tickets/ $35.00 at the door incl tax.

Corb Lund returns to Sudbury for first show in several years. This award winning and fan favourite singer has garnered many hits on Americana Radio, commercial country, CBC, Community Radio… he is a favourite at Folk Festivals and Indie Rock festivals alike. Celebrates new album “Things That Can’t Be Undone” recorded with 2016 Grammy nominee Producer Dave Cobb.

After lauching his new record Things That Can’t Be Undone worldwide on US label New West Records this fall, Juno award-winning artist and heartthrob cowboy Corb Lund began the new year taking Alberta culture on the road to the Netherlands, Germany and England before returning to Canada at the end of January for his first two month tour of his home and native land.

The record has received rave reviews in the US, Canada and UK. The album remains in the top ten of Americana charts since its release in North America. MOJO writes,”It’s great credit to both Lund and his versatile backing band, The Hurtin’ Albertans, that such see-sawing through genres can sound so much like a singular piece of work.” NPR hailed it as “the high mark of a long career” in their “Songs We Love” premiere of the powerful “Sadr City,” a tragic tale about the Siege of Sadr City, the first big flare-up of sectarian violence in Iraq after Mission Accomplished. Rolling Stone Country, who also premiered the Stax Records-steeped album opener “Weight Of The Gun” recently singled out Lund for their “10 New Country Artists You Need To Know.” In Popmatters’ 8/10 review they said, “Melodically engaging and narratively compelling, Things That Can’t Be Undone furthers the case for Corb Lund as one of the best contemporary country songwriters.”
Corb Lund’s Things that Can’t Be Undone was named one of CBC’s Best Canadian Albums of 2015 and topped several year-end lists including The Boot, Boston Globe and Americana Music Show. The song “S Lazy H” brings back heart-wrenching classic storytelling and was included in American Songwriter’s Top 50 Songs of the Year and NPR Music’s Favorite Songs Of 2015.

Thursday, September 22nd - Odanah, Sean Conway, Jennifer Holub, Cosmic Gully Day - $7.00 at the door

This will be an eclectic night of garage, roots rock songwriting and Gully.

Listen to Winnipeg's Odanah at their Bandcamp page and hear the history steeped into this young band.

Tonight is also a rare treat to get to see Jenn Holub pass back through as she has been on tour for most of the summer promoting her new album that she released in June. she is returning for a full headline 'end of tour' show on Saturday, October 15th

Friday, September 23rd - Billy John and the Irish Wake - $7.00 at the door

a mid season, half way to St. Patrick's Day gig for the Irish Wake. March 17th is too long to wait for a great night of upbeat Celtic and Trad Irish footstompers, Canadian Maritime standards... maybe a few Quebec Fiddle tunes.... The Irish Wake is an explosive evening of dancing, pub songs... old dirges and tales of the sea and more. I guarantee it will take you a couple days to get your land legs back once you've spent a night on the waves with The Irish Wake.

Saturday, September 24th – Le French Fest – admission at the door.

***Programmation et détails à suivre****
***Performers and event details coming soon***
Mégaconcert, festival urbain, foire d’animateurs de rue et fête gourmande tout à la fois, Le French Fest est un moment de joie de vivre francophone qui tend la main aux anglophones francophiles. Depuis l’après-midi jusque tard dans la soirée, une grande ville bilingue du Canada célèbre sa dynamique culture franco-ontarienne.
What is Le French Fest?
It’s a mega concert, a street fair, a feast, it’s a big get together. In fact, Le French Fest is a big party where everyone is invited: your brother, your sister, your significant other, your kids, your parents, your grandparents and 5000 of your closest friends and neighbors. Le French Fest is the biggest francophone festival in Sudbury.
During Le French Fest, we will be celebrating our Franco-Ontarian and Canadian identities, as well as Franco-Ontarian Day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate who we are together in Sudbury, independently of our origins.
On September 24th, take a walk on the French side!

Thursday, September 29th - Walrus, Billy Moon - $7.00 at the door

Friday, September 30th - Lonely Parade, Mick Futures, Dunes - $7.00 at the door

Lonely Parade's album release show in Sudbury can't wait!! We'll have tapes & CDs 4 sale & maybe some other stuff too!

Lonely Parade


Mick Futures

$7 at the door!

Saturday, October 1st - The Common Dread - $7.00 at the door 10pm

Sudbury's long running Reggae/ Ska/ Dub/ Rocksteady music machine continues to simmer along a few times a year. Starting with Vic and the Meat Kings in the early 90's, the baton was passed on to Josh to form The Smokers in the mid 90's with Matt, Bryan, Blair, Sean and numerous drummers. Out of the Smokers, Matt, Bryan and eventually Chris found themselves in The Mondo Idols through 2000-2008 and have been continuing on as The Common Dread since then. the current line-up of Chris-JahFer, Keith, Bryan and Matt make for a night of bubbly ska and reggae songs plus some very adventurous dub and dancehall experiments... it's a little Bob Marley... it's a little Lee 'Scratch' Perry... it's dancy and it's trippy...

Saturday, October 8th - Pistol George Warren's Final Countdown - $10 at the door

Friday, October 14th - House of David Gang Reggae Band Peter Tosh Night - $10 at the door

Monday, October 24th - Great Lake Swimmers - $20 advance, $25 Door

Great Lake Swimmers return to Sudbury as a kickoff for their fall 2016 tour. Through 6 albums in 15 years, Great Lake Swimmers have created some of the most beautiful sounds in the world. From catchy toe tappers to serene ballads, Tony Dekkers' voice is haunting and soaring.

Their sixth album, A Forest of Arms, was released in 2015

Great Lake Swimmers consists of Tony Dekker on lead vocals and guitar, long time guitarist and banjo player Erik Arnesen, Miranda Mulholland on violin and backing vocals, Bret Higgins on upright bass and newcomer Joshua Van Tassel on drums. There are several special guest appearances on the album by Kevin Kane (Grapes Of Wrath) on 12-string electric guitar, as well as backing vocals on the song “A Bird Flew Inside The House.”

Recorded and engineered by their long time live sound technician Justin Shane Nace, and mixed by the wonderfully talented Howie Beck (Feist), A Forest Of Arms also marks Dekker’s 8th release of new material. In 2013, he released the solo album Prayer of the Woods, and in 2014, he released a tribute album for the artist-loving digital music distribution site Zunior on the occasion of its 10th year anniversary, entitled Tony Dekker Sings 10 Years Of Zunior. Last year saw their debut headlining performance at Toronto’s historic Massey Hall, which was documented for the Live At Massey Hall series. The band also participated in the Polaris cover sessions with their version of Sarah Harmer’s “I’m A Mountain.”


Tour announce, June 21st.

Tickets on Sale, Friday, June 24th